A place to travel back in time and bring lots of treasures from there
      This Forum was created with great affection and dedication and its main objective is to help the community to find additional content, lost or forgotten in time, for the game.
   It's been about 9 years since our beloved The Sims 3 was released and since then the community has not stopped growing and growing, albeit little by little.
   Since the launch of the first edition of the game, there has been a need to create content that has enriched gameplay and contributed to the franchise becoming gigantic to this day. From that need, many creators were born bringing their talents and abilities to the game. Be it in construction or in creation, many stood out for their ability to add new features that made The Sims one of the most appreciated games in the simulation category around the world.
   Over the years, unfortunately, many creators and simmers have left the community, or simply lost the inspiration to continue creating. A good part of these creators who are no longer among us in the community, took their creations along with them, thus leaving a feeling of sadness in who discovered the game after this separation. I was one of those people who found many wonderful creations and not available along the way. And the immense desire to have them made me chase after these masterpieces so that I could enjoy them in the game. Much content was recovered, thanks to the generosity of many simmers who thought of others who were discovering the game recently. And for this reason I will be eternally grateful to all who in one way or another contributed so much of this material was not lost.
   All those people who helped me retrieve this material and who help other simmers in the same way, have a special part in the creation of this forum.
I know there are thousands of forums dedicated to The Sims scattered around. But most covers all versions and, due to the huge number of downloads that only increases each day, it is difficult to fix all the old links that are broken. Thinking about it, I started working on the possibility of creating an exclusive place for The Sims 3, which is the game that I have played over the years and that has been prioritized in my Simmer life.

[marqu]right| hope everyone appreciates this place and that they can find their lost treasure.[/marqu]

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