Welcome dear creator!
We will be eternally grateful to all the wonderful creators who enrich the game with their wonderful creations.
If you enjoy sharing your works with the community, this space is for you! We encourage you to open a workshop and showcase your talent.
Some notes:
When opening a workshop, you must comply with the rules of the forum. Failure to do so will result in the workshop closing.
All the work posted must be of his authorship. It is strictly forbidden to publish the work of others on your behalf.
About recolors: it is obligatory to credit the creator and to put a link to the original work, when it exists.
It is forbidden to use link shortness in the download links.
Use our buttons as they indicate which server was uploaded.
Workshops that are not updated for six months will be closed and moved to a specific sub-forum.
The images posted should be 800px maximum size.
If the images to be posted are not transparent, they must be in the jpg / jpeg format.
Papers posted on sites other than the Sims 3 Archive forum should be added to the corresponding topic. Do not use your workshop to advertise your blog or website. Use to show your work.
When posting a creation, enter all necessary information.
Answer all questions clearly and objectively.
Remember: this will be your showcase. Be organized and kind to everyone.

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